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How to Give Head

The art of foreplay

Foreplay is essential for nurturing sexual intimacy, providing a chance to express generosity and playfulness, establish trust, ignite passion, and strengthen the bond between partners. In this guide, we delve into the art of giving exceptional blow jobs.


01. Start Slow
Breathe deeply to ensure you are present with yourself and your partner. There is no rush. You may start by kissing from the lips, making your way down the neck, the stomach until the line of the pants and teasing there for a little bit. 

02. Begin at the Tip
Gently place your mouth on the tip, it is the most sensitive part of the penis. Start slowly kissing the head. Glide your tongue slowly from bottom to top, a few times lubricating the area. Spitting on it is a helpful and sexy touch.

03. Mind your Teeth 
Press your lips over your teeth and build momentum. Keep your mouth open and loose.
When you are ready to take more control, take as much of it in as you feel comfortable to. 

04. Level up the intensity
Check in with your partner and find your rhythm. Watch their body movement and make sure they are comfortable. You can focus on the top of the penis and use your hands if depth is an issue. Using two hands can level up the intensity. Make eye contact and show your partner how much you are enjoying it.  Give the balls some love, using hands and licking them. Touching the thighs while sucking is also a good combo.

Although giving world-class head is a timeless skill, it's important to remember that pleasure is an individual preference and the key to truly knowing how to rock your partner’s world is through communication.