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Other Ways of Saying "Lets Have Sex"

Is it time to add some spice into your relationship? Are you getting tired of the same old "Lets Have Sex"? 


Here are 15 Ways to say "Lets Have Sex":


  1. We are both horribly overdressed.
  2. Hey. You wanna kick the cat out?
  3. Do you wanna do something?
  4. Let's have a meeting in my bedroom.
  5. Are you also not so tired?
  6. Let's do the No Pants Dance.
  7. Let's shake the trailer.
  8. Should we test out the mattress?
  9. Let's watch a movie.
  10. Nice shoes. Wanna fuck?
  11. How about a horizontal refreshment?
  12. Let's play doctor.
  13. Shall we do the old in-out in-out.
  14. Let's hit a home run.
  15. Let's do the damn thing.