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What does "No Nasty's" ACTUALLY mean?

Yes we don't use nasty chemicals but what does that ACTUALLY mean for someone who doesn't know anything about those bad ingredients?


Chemicals that we are free from & why it matters:

  • Parabens - this can mimic the natural oestrogen in the body and potentially disrupt the body’s normal hormone function. Some research suggests there may be some association with cancer.
  • Sulfates - often found in household products for cleaning purposes. They have no place in the bedroom! They can cause itches, irritations and remove natural oils on the skin.
  • Petrochemicals - despite their moisturising effect, they can increase condom breakage rates. They can also stay put a lot longer which can disrupt the normal pH of the vagina.
  • Fragrances - While they may make the lube smell good, it doesn’t feel great down there. They can lead to irritation and allergic reactions.
  • Colour - like the nice smells, the funky colours can irritate down there.
  • BPA - also known as an ‘endocrine disruptor’. It has been shown to be harmful to health. Our packaging is recyclable and BPA free.
  • Spermicides - if you are trying to get pregnant, spermicides should be avoided. Tussle is free from the nasties** all of which are used to decrease sperm's ability to move and ultimately to fertilise the egg.


** Nasty ingredients that impact sperm: nonoxynol-9, octoxynol-9, benzalkonium chloride and menfegol.