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Corky's Queer Club

Article written by Corky's Queer Strip Club Founder: Katie Winten. 


I’m Katie Winten, a queer Taurean femme sex worker and arts worker. I’m the Momager of Corky’s Club, a Queer strip club prioritising LGBTQIA+ strippers and sex workers that are marginalised in regular heteronormaitve eurocentric strip clubs.


katie winten

Katie Winten by Remi Todarello


Working as a stripper for years inspired me to start Corky's Club. I was overwhelmed by the heteronormativity of the strip clubs I was working in, and I dreamed of a queer strip club in which all bodies and all genders are stripping, and all bodies and all genders feel comfortable to enter into as patrons. Racism, homophobia, transphobia and ableism are rife in the sex industry, and I wanted to create a safer queer strip club space in which people who experience discrimination in regular clubs can be celebrated. This statement from performer Salem Serene really sums up the ethos of Corky's: 

"This one goes out to all my queer sex workers who have to deal with boring ass cis-men constantly telling us they'd do our jobs in a heartbeat because it would be "easy money".

That believe we must either have to love our jobs or be empowered by our work, as if all work under capitalism doesn't suck.

That have taken it too far with their entitlement to our bodies beyond the service description just because they paid.

That ask us if we're married or have boyfriends, and continuously lock us into whatever narrative they've got in their heads.....

You are seen, you are heard, and you are loved."



Angel Pu$$y by Liz Ham 



  • Tip generously 
  • No asshole policy
  • No racism, sexism, transphobia, ableism, homophobia or you will be asked to leave
  • Don’t assume dancers’ gender or pronouns
  • Respect dancers’ boundaries – they set their own rules
  • No touching the dancers without their permission
  • Tip generously
  • Have fun!

Adonis and Salem Serene by Liz Ham & Kiki by Peter Darnley-Stuart



Corky's has a few HOT events coming up! We're doing Mardi Gras at the Imperial Basement on the 23rd of Feb, tickets are available here. We're also coming back to All Day Queer Dance at the Landsdowne on Feb 18th and March 3rd for Mardi Gras.
Grab tickets for those two events here and here.