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The Power of Erogenous Zones

New places to touch yourself and/or your partner. 

There’s a reason why it’s called a climax. Think of sex like a movie. Every body part is a scene. Some scenes ease you in. Some create suspense. Others lead to pure crescendo. 

The genius of a Wes Anderson film, lies not in its plot twists but the absolute care and attention for every scene. Now, replace stop-motion sets for erogenous zones and you have academy-award winning sex. 



Erogenous zones are sensitive parts of the human body that produce sexual arousal. Stimulating these areas during foreplay creates relaxation, promotes blow flow, enhances pleasure and encourages orgasm. 


11 Erogenous Zones to Explore 

  1. Scalp
    The scalp is an arena of sensitive nerve endings that send pleasurable sensations throughout the body. These can be activated through massage and gentle hair pulling. 

  2. Ears
    Ears are one of the most sensitive erogenous zones. Experiment with breath, light nibbles and kisses to elicit arousal.

  3. Mouth
    There’s a reason why kissing is such a natural part of foreplay. The mouth is a powerful erogenous zone that can be titillated through lips, teeth and tongue.
  4. Neck
    The neck is a highly sensitive area. A light touch or kissing around the nape of the back to the sides below the jawline can activate a deep sexual response.

  5. Nipples
    Nipples vary in sensitivity. Some like it rough, while others prefer a light touch to activate pleasurable sensations.
  6. Belly Button and Lower Abdomen
    Explore gently touching or tickling the belly button or lower abdomen to build arousal. 

  7. Hands
    The OG first base. Though it might be obvious, hand to hand contact is often forgotten during foreplay. Tickling and massaging hands and wrists can stimulate the various nerve endings that live in these pleasure hotspots. 

  8. Inner Thighs
    Slowly tickling the inner thighs can create a powerful tease and elicit deep excitement. Using a light touch is usually preferable when approaching these highly sensitive areas.  

  9. The Vulva
    The most known erogenous zone — the genital area is a powerhouse of nerve endings and sexual arousal. Hotspots in the vulva include the pubic mound and the clitoris. Internally, explore with different pressures, the G-spot (two to three inches inside, on the front vaginal wall), the A-spot (four to five inches inside, on the front vagina wall), and the cervix. 

  10. The Penis + Co
    Sensitive areas around the penis include the the head of the penis, the frenulum (where the shaft and head meet), the foreskin (for uncircumcised men), the scrotum, the perineum (the skin that connects the penis and anus), and the prostate (inside the rectum).

  11. Feet
    Feet are an often overlooked region of pleasure. A foot massage can stimulate immense relaxation and a strong sexual response.


Pleasure is a unique experience and each person responds differently. Going slow when exploring these zones is key to understanding you or your partner’s personal body map.  

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