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The Power of your Period

It’s time to learn how to go with the flow. 

Understanding that your body uniquely works on a typically 28-day cycle can be highly transformative. No, you’re not crazy for suddenly wanting to skip gym and cancel the date – you’re probably just in your Luteal Phase.


Rather than viewing your period as a burden, appreciating the four unique phases of your monthly cycle can deeply enhance your mental, physical, emotional and creative self. 



Phase 01 (Day 1-7): 

The Menstrual Phase | Time to Rest 

  • Starts on the first day of your period

  • Hormone progesterone plunges, causing the uterine lining to shed (your period)

  • Your energy is the lowest in your cycle, you may feel more tired and internal

  • Rest is deeply encouraged

  • A great time for self-reflection, grounding and setting intentions

  • Honour your lower energy with gentle movement like yoga or walking 

Phase 02 (Day 9 - 11): 

The Follicular Phase | Double Espresso

  • Beings right after menstruation 

  • The follicles which contain your eggs in your ovaries start to mature. 

  • Energy boosts, mood improves and appetite decreases

  • Increased libido and desire to take action

  • Great time to problem solve, socialize, work out and start new projects 

Phase 03 (Day 12 - 17)

The Ovulatory Phase | Extrovert Hour

  • Ovulation is the opening night of the play your body has been working tirelessly on 

  • An egg gets released from its follicle in your ovary and will survive 12-24 hours

  • Estrogen and testosterone rise to peak levels = more confidence and double the sex drive

  • Ultimate time for networking, dating and physical activity

Phase 04 (18 - 28)

The Luteal Phase | The Art of Calling it a Night

  • In the first half of the luteal phase, estrogen and testosterone decline and your body starts producing progesterone (an anti-anxiety hormone)

  • Time to focus on your to-do lists and nest

  • Second half you may experience PMS symptoms: cravings for comfort food, anxiety, bloating, breast tenderness, headaches and mood swings

  • Practice self-care, eat nourishing food and enjoy alone time with stress-relieving and creative activities

  • Flowing with your lower energy and need to rest will allow you to maximise the active phases of your cycle   


      Understanding and learning how to honour your body’s inner workings will allow you to become the driver of your reality.